Pre-Release of GrovePi's Firmware v1.3.0 Open to Testers (2)

Pre-Release Opening We are working on releasing a new version for the GrovePi’s firmware (v1.3.0) that its target is to fix well-known bugs. We already have something on our plate, but before making it official, we invi…

Noise removal algorithm for Grove DHT Pro Sensor (4)

Hi @cluckers, @royhills My promise As I have promised a few days ago, I have come with a more portable version of the noise removal algorithm for the DHT sensor. Here's a link to our Grove DHT Pro sensor. Here's a li…

[SOLVED] DHT sensor occasionally returning spurious values (9)

I'm using a GrovePi on a Raspberry PI 3 running the latest raspbian (Jessie) with python code to measure values from a Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro (white DHT22 / AM2302 version) every ten seconds and log the read…

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