Cannot get power

I cannot get power to my go pi go shield to even show a light red or green. I have tried to reimage the sd card and it still will not work. Basically when I try to click the power button my raspberry pi and the grove pi that i have stacked on top of the go pi go will light up but as soon as i let go of the power button they turn off. Please help me with any suggestions.

Hi @bradshaw13,

Can you check the battery’s voltage before you power up the Pi? If it’s too low, then the GoPiGo will behave in this way.

After you will have checked the battery voltage and test it, if you happen to encounter the exact same behavior as before, please try to power up the robot through a micro USB cable. If that works, then it’s very likely that the board is malfunctioned.

Last but not least, can you show us a close-up photo of your GoPiGo?

@Matt what’s your input on this?

Thank you!

I am using a lithium battery pack with 4 14500 rechargeable batteries and each of them had about 3.96 V. When i plug in my power through the raspberry pi the pi will work well but the go pi go wont even show a light. I also did a test on the raspbian for robots and it said no SPI response and go pi go 3 with address 8 not connected. I also attached the software log update when i tried to update the firmware. IMG_0261IMG_0262 @RobertLucian

Please disconnect the batteries immediately. Unfortunately something might be blown. 3.96v times four cells in series is 15.84v, which is significantly above the recommended 9-12v, and is even notably above the absolute maximum 14.5v. The fact that it still powers up when you hold the power button means that at least some of the circuitry is still functional.

It sounds like the microcontroller isn’t running. It could be due to failed firmware (needs to be re-flashed), or it could be due to a hardware failure (possibly due to over-voltage).

What OS are you running on the RPi? Which hardware version of RPi are you using? What is the version number printed on the bottom of the GPG3 controller board (under the power button)?