Connect pixy2 to gopigo

Has anyone attempted to connect a pixy 2 to a gopigo?
Charmed Labs Pixy 2 CMUcam5 Image Sensor
Documentation states it connenct to PI and has python code for control

Are you thinking to connect to GoPiGo3 via USB or I2C?

Need to evaluate the current draw with and with out the LED illuminators, to make sure GoPiGo3 can power it. The docs just say “140ma 5V typical”

I think the Raspberry Pi USB is normally limited to 100ma unless a special higher current mode is enabled.

Need @Matt to weigh in on what the 5V on the I2C connectors could supply.

(It gets really complicated to power via the RPI USB port - drawing extra power can increase the voltage drop such that the processor will trip the low voltage fault or the poly fuses. Look here for discussions.

Actually, on this page this is what it’s written about the Raspberry Pi:

So far that’s maximum 1.5A for a Pi 3, and around 1.1A for the other models. From there, the difference comes in the USB peripherals you plug in, and things you power off the 5V GPIO pins. The USB specification mandates that a port supply 500mA, however, each model has a max total current it can supply to all USB ports:

  • Pi 1: 500mA
  • Pi 1B and Pi 2: 600mA, or 1.2A with max_usb_current=1
  • Pi 3: 1.2A

So, if you have a Pi 3, the max current on all USB ports is going to be 1.2 amps, which is way more than enough.

I’d personally try it running from the 5V pins of the Raspberry Pi. 140mA power consumption is not that high and having a good power supply can mitigate all problems related to this.

On their documentation (on the Pixy2 page), they are saying you can also use an unregulated power source (from 6V up to 10V), so if you want to run it from a different one without the need for a step up/down converter, then you can go with that too.

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would be interesting to see pixy2 via usb and gopigo connected and use the gopigo library for movements

Yeah, that’s something we are also thinking about. We might do a few tutorials on that too sometime down the road.

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