DexterOS Python --- Pygame and Playing Sounds


I looked through the documentation, but don’t see how to identify the DexterOS version?



Well I found one way. The SD card has DexterOS v 1.1.0 on it. Surprising, since I just got the machine. So, I’ll follow the instructions for upgrading.



We decided to use the USB drive because it means the SD card doesn’t need to be removed ever. That way, kids can transfer their files back and forth and not lose the SD card with the OS, nor corrupt it (which happened quite frequently in the past)



I upgraded to the latest DexterOs. Everything went as expected. But now I can no longer connect when a type mygopigo.com


Is the antenna led green or blue? Or neither? Do you see the wifi access point?


Finally it came up. I do see that I now can access the USB drive.



I have a Python program that plays a series of sound files. But it only works if the sound files are stored on the sd card. If I store them on the usb drive, I can’t access them from a program (get file not found error). Is this what should be happening?

Also, I wonder if there is a way internally (through aplay) to increase the volume. [I do have a volume control on the external speaker, but would ideally like to get the sound a little louder.]


Hello @rscherl,

You should be able to reach the files on the USB drive by using this path:

Please note that the usb drive needs to be inserted before booting up.

The sound is higher if you use DexterOS 1.3 (released yesterday) but you can do the change yourself in the terminal found in the Python IDE

sudo amixer set PCM -- 100%


Thanks! This is a big help.