DS18B20 - One Wire Temperature Sensor

Been reading through the thread…has there been any progress made on running this connected to the Grovepi+?

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Is there something new with the sensor on the grovepi+??

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Hate to break the bad news to you folks but Seeed Studio and Dexter Industries are two different companies.

Since there are a lot of interesting things that Seeed Studios puts out using their “Grove” connectors, the Grove Pi was produced (AFAIK) as a way to leverage that ecosystem.

However it is a monumental job to expect anyone to support all of Seeed Studios products.


And what that mean? I cant use them with my Raspberry or my GrovePi+??

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No. That’s not what it means.

What it does mean is that Dexter Industries has decided not to create software specifically for one-wire. However, you are free to research one-wire on the Pi and implement support on the Grove Pi.

What they have done is to create a series of robots/development tools and hardware - and then developed a relatively large set of utilities and software items that apply to the majority of potential use-cases.

Does it cover every possible sensor? No.

Does it cover every possible configuration? No.

Does this mean that these sensors and/or configurations absolutely won’t work? Of course not.

What it does mean is this:

  1. If you want to do something different and interesting, go right ahead. If you want/need one-wire, you are welcome to work on it and share your experiences, (and results), here.

  2. If you are a bit confused about how to do a particular thing - or even where/how to start - ask. That’s why we’re here.

There is a wide pool of talent here - from people who program AI in their sleep to people like me who have been hardware mavens their entire life. Somewhere here there is someone who can help, or at least suggest possible ways to find a solution.

We all started as clueless idiots, but worked hard to gain what knowledge we have. We all are - literally - “standing on the shoulders of giants”. We have, all of us, learned from some of the best and most brilliant people in the industry and we, all of us, are willing to pay that debt by helping those that come after us.

  1. If you expect to be spoon fed without being willing to do at least something for yourself - sorry Charlie, not going to happen here.

Bottom line:
Dexter does not support one-wire directly. But Dexter - and all the rest of us - will help you figure it out for yourself. That’s part of the fun; taking something that doesn’t exist yet and creating a way to make it happen!

You learn a lot and your efforts help everyone else too.


If I remember correctly, (I’m not at my computer), the Pi via raspi-config supports the one-wire interface.

If I am remembering correctly, this means it should be possible to hack coverage, but maybe not directly through the Grove Pi board.

Ok thx for your answers.

I used the sensorcable with normal cables on the GPIO from the grovepi+. It functions well. Nothing to build with an additional board.

Next time i want to try the grove i2c-hub. Plug there the ds18bs20 sensor and then with an normal pin-cable to the GPIO ports

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What I was trying to say is that, even if it won’t work with the Grove Pi directly, if using that particular part is absolutely essential for whatever reason, (like chemical corrosion resistance, or wet environment use), you might be able to use it directly with the Pi itself. (Or is there an address conflict that cannot be changed?)

We care because we want to help others. Even if I/we are not subject matter experts, our ideas may guide them to the correct solution.


We might just learn something that could be useful in the future.

One other example:

I want to add both an Adafruit RTC module and a Vellman 3" touchscreen to Charlie; but there was a problem:. They both want to use the top-side connector pins.

Additionally, the Adafruit board interferes with access to the GoPiGo’s mounting screws.


I removed the plug-in connector from the RTC board exposing the solder pads and through-holes.

I hard wired the RTC to the back side of the PCB, and used double sided tape to attach it to the top of the micro-SD socket.

I didn’t modify the touch-screen because I wanted it on the top side and it would have been considerably more difficult.

Technically it “wasn’t possible”, but with a bit of imagination it could be done.

It. Works :slight_smile:

I took the grove i2c hub… connect all ds18b20s on it and the i2c hub direktly to the GPIO :slight_smile:


Excellent! Glad to hear it.