Grove DHT and Golang in general

Good evening,
I am working on a weather station (or something like that) using Golang.

  1. Is there anything I should know to properly work with a Raspberry Pi and the grove sensors?

  2. I copied the code from dexter’s repository to read the DHT sensor, but I get a “Unable to select a suitable driver for this board.”. It works just fine with the python code.
    Here’s my repo:

Please, heeeeeelp!
If you feel like I need to know more stuff, just tell me

Solved here:

Hi @LuCavallin,

I’ve looked over your repository and over your website and I really like your implementation.
That’s some great job you’ve done there.

And you also seem to be interested, more or less, in the same fields as me - (I read about your interests in the technologies you’re going to learn in the near future).

I do have a a couple of questions though:

  1. Why did you go with Golang?

  2. What are your plans for the libraries you’re developing in the near future?

  3. What are you trying to target with these libraries?

Again, regarding the DHT sensor, I’m on it for testing it.

I’ll come back with a confirmation.

Thank you!

Hey! Thank you for the appreciation, I’ve actually just started working on the project, there’s still a lot to do there :slight_smile:

  1. I chose Golang because it’s gaining popularity, my company is starting to use it and overall it’s a very nice and fast multipurpose language
  2. Not sure, Yfirbord is made of three pieces (grovepi, apis and frontend) - it’s mainly to play around and learn. Once it’s done, I’ll be probably using it in my own house to monitor stuff - maybe it could have some commercial potential, not sure
  3. Didn’t get the question, but probably 2) explains it all

Thanks for the PR :slight_smile: