Having trouble setting up my pi


I ordered the GoPiGo which came with DexterOS. I overwrote the img on the sdCard to install raspbian for robots, but am still gaving trouble pinging. Please help ASAP!!


I got it to work!! I had to turn off my security for a while, though I dont think this is the safest way. But when I go to the dex.local page and click on vnc, it says server not found. Do you know what happened?


Should I try burning the disk img again and see if that works?


Well, it’s important how you connect your Raspberry Pi to the computer. If you’re just connecting both of them directly through an Ethernet cable, then you’ll have to get yourself Bonjour installed:

This should start making it work for you.


I already have bonjour installed. I just can’t connect to dex.local via browser, but connects fine when i use ping dex.local


I fixed it. But when i try to run the ‘camera-vision-logo.py’ it gives me

File “camera-vision-logo.py”, line 16, in
from oauth2client.client import GoogleCredentials
ImportError: No module named oauth2client.client

I already upgraded the google api python client. Im not sure where I went wrong


OK, i finally got everything to work. Just a question on the code output for the camera-vision-label. It says mid and topicality, just wondering what those mean