How many ultrasonic sensors

How many ultrasonic sensors can you connect to the GoPiGo board? Is it just 2? Because it seems like there are 4 connectors, but the documentation mentions only 2.
(sorry I’m more of a software guy than hardware…)

You would be able to connect only 2 ultrasonic sensors to the GoPiGo because out of the 4 ports, one is an I2C, which is used for comms b/w the Raspberry Pi and the GoPiGo so adding the sensor there would stop the communication b/w the GoPiGo and the Raspberry Pi. The other port is connected to the Serial to the Raspberry Pi so it cannot be used for using the ultrasonic sensor, which leaves only two ports.

If you really need a lot of ports for the ultrasonic sensor, then you should use the GrovePi ( along with the GoPiGo which should give you plenty of ports to use.


Can I connect both the GoPiGo and the GrovePi to the Raspberry Pi?

Yes, to can both the GrovePi and the GoPiGo together. You can simply connect the GrovePi to the GoPiGo I2C port and add a jumper to the 3.3V pin and the GrovePi should work with the GoPiGo and the Raspbbery Pi. You can check out another discussion on the forums about this: Also, the GrovePi and the GoPiGo work independently so it would be easier for you to program and control them too.


I want to order the University kit but see the Dexter site picture showing the GoPiGo with the camera attached. Yet the item list of the University Kit has the Ultrasonic sensor not the camera. I want to know can both be added to the Robot at the same time and if yes do I order just the University kit and only the extra camera or do I need another part to add the camera?

Hey Rigel-Pi,

Both the camera and the Ultrasonic can be added to the GoPiGo.

The University kit comes with the Ultrasonic sensor (despite the picture). It does not come with the camera. I can totally see how that would be misleading.

Yes, if you want to add a camera, you should definitely get an extra camera in the package.


Is there somewhere with detailed diagrams and instructions on how to integrate GoPiGo, Raspberry Pi and Grove Pi? I’m totally new to electronics and stuff and has limited budget and would dearly wish to avoid breaking something and unnecessary costs.

Hi @diablo,

Our other users have used the GoPiGo and the GrovePi together in the past and you should follow the discussion here and let us know if it works for you.


Hi Shoban,

Thanks for the link. I got trolled my browser earlier for it showed me the op but not the replies so I thought it was unanswered. I’ll look through and reply there if I have further queries.