Localized versions of DexterOS?


I am very interested in giving my granddaughters exposure to - and possibly interest in - robotics.

One hurdle is that English is not their native language.

I would humbly suggest that adding support for different languages would broaden the appeal of your robots/devices to a vast audience that doesn’t speak English.

I am also well aware that you folks have neither the time nor (perhaps) the language skills to add language support from Afrikaans to Zulu.

One way to solve this issue is to allow those of us in Television Land - your humble clients and users - to add support for those languages you currently do not have available.

In my own case, I would be glad to volunteer to supply Russian language localization to your program(s).

What say ye?

Jim “JR”

It’s on the list of things we are considering, to broaden the possibility of adding languages by non-Dexter folks.

Would you consider allowing me to try to add Russian language support as a pilot project?

I would love to. There’s more work to be done on our side before we are ready for outside translators. Soon, but I know, not soon enough.