Raspberry Pi 3 does not communicate with Arduberry

I was using Raspberry Pi 2 along with Arduberry for a tracking vehicle project. It works perfectly well. I decided to move to Raspberry Pi 3. Everything else works as before except for serial communication between Pi and Arduberry. As a starting point I just connected them together and tried the serial communication using the tutorial here. And that too does not work. Any hints? Am I missing anything? Do I need to tweak any configuration as I am moving from Rasp 2 to Rasp 3? Thanks in advance.

Hmm, the Pi 3 is sorta new so it may not be supported totally. Do you have serial enabled on the raspberry pi? That can be enabled in the raspi-config.
Do you get any errors? What is the output when you attempt to connect?

Thanks. Yes, it is enabled. I did not get any errors. BTW, I had an updated/upgraded raspbian image that I use for the same project with Rasp 2 that I am using with the Rasp 3. It works perfectly fine with Rasp 2.

I tried a simple serial send / receive in a loop on rasp 3 and a similar loop on Arduberry. There is no receive nor transmit.

Hi @kirtiprabhu,

There were some big changes in the Pi3, the inbuilt Bluetooth adapter on Pi3 uses the serial lines and because of which you might not have the serial monitor working. You having enabled the serial communication through raspi-config option, you will have to disable Bluetooth as well. To do this you can follow the tutorial here.

We have a custom image of stock Raspbian called the Raspbian for Robots which helps you to enable and disable serial lines with ease. You can install this image following the guide here and to enable the serial communication in our image, use the Advanced communication option from the desktop in the GUI and click Enable BrickPi/UART option.

Please let us know if this helps,

How were you able to physically connect the arduberry to the pi3, the header pin block is too short and i dont want to bend or break any of the GPIO pins.

So you are having trouble yourself connecting it? I suggest making a new thread, and post pictures of it.

I got the board installed and the software installed but arduino ide wont post the sketches to it, it provides a sync error every time.

Hi @mhjorleifsson,

I believe you’re referring to this post now, right?

Thank you!

This version of the raspberry Pi is not working properly on my device. I am using Windows 10. It is showing to Fix Windows 10 Automatic Repair. Is there any solution?