Release notes for DexterOS 2.2.2

I’m looking for details on the changes from DexterOS 2.2.1+ to 2.2.2.


The order of the services has been changed which should result in a slightly faster boot time, and no longer lead to a crash if the firmware gets updated.

From a Bloxter and Python point of view, nothing was changed.


We updated to 2.2.1+ to fix issues with the firmware update. Are there additional fixes for this in 2.2.2?

I have many GoPiGo3s prepared for an event next week. Trying to determine if I should go through the effort of a last minute update to ensure a smooth event.

If the robots are functional already, then you don’t need to update and change your fleet so close to the event. I’m sure you have plenty more to work on. Running an event is so much work.

If it was me, I would bring a few extra SD cards with 2.2.2 on them, just in case. Because I like having backups.

@RobertLucian is there something I’m not thinking about ?

Hi @mashcraf1,

Nope. Version 2.2.1+ should be good to go as it has more or less the same things as version 2.2.2 has. There aren’t noticeable differences.

But as CleoQc has said, it’s better to have a few backups put aside just in case (with version 2.2.2). It’s not worth the hassle to upgrade them to 2.2.2 as 2.2.1+ is already pretty reliable.

And also, please, let us know how everything goes at that event with the GoPiGo3s.

Thank you!

We ended up using 2.2.2 with the line follower regression fix I posted in a separate thread:
[Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/home/pi/Dexter/black_line.txt’

The event went really well. I’ll post about it separately.

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btw, 2.2.3 is available for those who run into the line follower issue (there’s no other reason to upgrade)