[SOLVED] GoPiGo3 SSH password not working

I received a gopigo3 yesterday and I am now try to ssh into it. Here are the step I did:

1.Using a window 10 computer
2.Insert the ssd card into my computer and created a ‘ssh’ (no extension) file on it. This is to open port 22 otherwise I get this error: ssh: connect to host dex.local port 22: Connection refused
4.Insert the ssd card into gopigo3 and boot it up
5.Connect to gopigo wireless network on my computer
6.Ping dex.local (it worked!)
7.Tried to ssh using : ssh pi@dex.local
8.Enter password robots1234

Then I get a permission denied. It looks like the password is not the good one. Can anyone help me?


Hi @raphael.hudvoy,

I think you’re running DexterOS and not Raspbian for Robots.

The following thread should give a better insight on this:

Can you confirm this?

Thank you!

Thanks! That was exactly my problem