[SOLVED] Input current voltage and amp?

For gopigo3 no info on power input is a mystery tried searching no official statement. Can some one please guide me for exact details
How much amp require for 9v and 12v ? With pi and other load
like motor sensors etc …

Appreciate !!

See the response from @Matt in this thread:


Thanks @kev.r

Offcourse @Matt did well explained .
Don’t you think @dexterindustries is responsible to explain on product min & max range expected.
But will try with the advice just concerned not to fry the board


The board is labeled (on the bottom, under the power jack) center-positive “9-12V DC”. That is the target voltage that you should supply. If using 8xAA fresh batteries, the voltage could be as high as about 13.5v, which is acceptable. The absolute maximum voltage should never exceed 14.5v.

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I appreciate and love the gopigo worth it as well good luck for future…:grinning:
But not everyone is so technical to understand just clearing my doubts power supply is critical.

It would be nice to include the rechargeable battery pack together with base & starter kit,
its not easy if you missed when order separately as import duties etc.


Hi @chetuk,

I’m just going to quote Matt:

To add that all up, that’s almost exactly 2A on the 12v rail, and a lot of the numbers above are pretty much worst-case scenario.

So all you need to know is that your battery pack has to be able to provide 2A continuously at 9-12 volts. I think this is a pretty simplistic overview of the power requirements for the GoPiGo3.

Does this make it more clear to you?

Thank you!

Cheers!! @RobertLucian

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