[SOLVED] Ssh user/password for DexterOS_Image_1.3.1

Hello. I downloaded and install image “DexterOS_Image_1.3.1_Final.zip” into my raspberry pi. What is the username/password to log in via SSH? I have tried the pi/robots1234 and pi/raspberry combination and they do not work. Also, when I go into the http://my_pi_ip_address I do not get the option to launch vnc.

Last if I try to go into my pi using VNC client from my laptop I get “connection refused”.

Any suggestions?

Hi @hept,

Here you go:

Thank you!

Hello @hept,

DexterOS is not meant to be SSH’ed into. It’s a full experience for people who are not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, or Unix.

If you want to SSH into your GoPiGo, then you need Raspbian for Robots.

Thank you for your reply. Now I got it.

and I’m glad we offer both so that people who want to SSH into their GoPiGo can!

Have fun ! :blush:

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