Unable to install image on SD card


I ordered a GoPiGo base kit and it did not come with the SD card so I’ve been following the instructions (link at the end) on how to install it on my Mac only every time I try to use the “dd” command it says “Permission denied”. I am using a Mac running “El Capitain”. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

So far am very disappointed with this product.

These are the instructions I am following

I don’t have a Mac so can’t really help if it’s Mac related.

Are you double sure that the SD card is not locked? That’s the kind of things that will give this particular error message.

Also, have you looked at this thread?

The few times that I had to do something with a Mac, I used the following:

I’ve tried it multiple times on a 8gig and 32 gig cards always making sure I’ve had “write” permission and write protect tab in both positions.

I’ll try your link but so far this is a very disappointing paperweight. I don’t see why Dexter can not just send me the SD card I paid for already. Overall a very frustrating experience with this company.

Hey Lochmonster, I can clearly hear the frustration in your voice on this. I’m sorry we have caused you such heartache, we want to resolve this as quickly as possible. Just to ensure we’re talking about the same thing, maybe you can provide an order number?

The reason for my confusion here is that you say you ordered a base kit. That’s here (http://www.dexterindustries.com/shop/gopigo-kit/). And if you read the description “What’s included” it does not include an SD Card.

I am also handling your ticket on Zendesk. Would you prefer to communicate through zendesk or through the forums?

Just replied to the multiple tickets you opened on Zendesk. Waiting for the response, thanks Eric!

Just to pickup this thread again, Eric it would be good if you can do the following:
1). Can you send a screenshot of the error you’re getting?
2). Can you send a shot of the BSD Name: <img src="Look for the first “BSD Name:” In our case, it’s “disk3”. Write down the BSD name somewhere!

Look for the first “BSD Name:” In our case, it’s “disk3”. Write down the BSD name somewhere!

http://www.dexterindustries.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Mac-Install_Raspbian_screenshot.png" alt="" />