Where can I find resources to deeper understand the GrovePi?

For example, why do I need to shift the binary result by 5 bits to get the human-readable number?
And such questions…

Hi @LuCavallin,

The only documentation we have at the moment is the source code itself.

So for understanding the GrovePi platform, here are the 2 most important source codes:

Regarding your issues in understanding the library (libraries), please don’t hesitate to ask us for clarification.
We can explain you where you find yourself in trouble.

Also, we appreciate a lot when someone comes with enough information that’s enough for us to understand the issue.
So, if you have some troubles somewhere, please tell us in detail so that we can come up with an answer ASAP.

Thank you!

Hi Robert, thank you!
Is there also any documentation about grovepi?

@LuCavallin what documentation are you looking for specifically? We’ve got documentation on the firmware and hardware in github, and even more here. Is there something specific you’re looking for?