1 Motor Not Working


I recently assembled my GoPiGo. 1 motor runs how I would expect. The other does not work at all. I have attempted a few troubleshooting tactics. I switched the motors from the left and right side. The functioning motor works on both the left and right side, the malfunctioning one fails on both sides.

I ran basic_test_all.py. The functioning motor works as expected and the malfunctioning motor does not run at all.

This is a fantastic product and I really enjoyed the assembly. Hopefully someone can help me get that motor up and running.


I’m sorry one of the motors is misbehaving… Is it possible for you to take a photo of the wire connections underneath the motor?

You bet! See the attached picture. Let me know if you need any others.


Thanks. No obvious issue here. I’ll see what I can do and come back to you.

Hi @tanner.dietrich,

Thanks for reaching out to us and I’m really sorry for the frustration. It looks like a defective motor and we will have it replaced. Can you contact us here, under “General Questions and Feedback”: We will have one shipped to you immediately.

Thanks for your patience,

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