1 question about encoder

What is the biggest read of gopigo encoder and how to reset the zero? And the encoder is capable of reading properly when the speed reaches 10000RPM?
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I can answer one part of your question, about resetting the encoders:

I’m waiting on your other answers.


The GoPiGo3 encoders have 1-degree resolution (360 degrees per rotation) with a range of -1,073,741,824 to 1,073,741,823 degrees (± 2.9 million rotations).

The GPG3 motor position and speed are based on the output shaft (the wheel), not the motor before the gearbox. There is no way that a GPG3 motor will be rotating at 10000 RPM. Standard speed is more like 100-150 RPM. The encoders work fine with the full range of speeds that the GPG3 motors are capable of running.

Using easygopigo3.py you can use reset_encoders as Cleo mentioned. Using gopigo3.py you can use something like this to reset the encoders:

GPG.offset_motor_encoder(GPG.MOTOR_LEFT, GPG.get_motor_encoder(GPG.MOTOR_LEFT))
GPG.offset_motor_encoder(GPG.MOTOR_RIGHT, GPG.get_motor_encoder(GPG.MOTOR_RIGHT))