2 i2c motor controllers, have to manually reset


I have 2 i2c motor controllers connected on my grovepi, as per http://wiki.seeed.cc/Grove-I2C_Motor_Driver_V1.3/ I have configured one of the jumpers as 0x0f and one as 0x0a.

When after turning on the power (external power source connected to the motor controllers), they first both seem to have registered as 0x0f.
I have to manually push the reset button on the i2c motor controller of 0x0a before it registers as 0x0a.

Is there a software command i can send to mimic the “reset” button? Or is there something else I can do so that I don’t have to manually push the reset button every time after power off ?

Hi @defspace,

Maybe you can pull the RST pin from the ISP connector and plug it on some digital port on the GrovePi - you’d need a Grove connector in order to make it pluggable on the GrovePi. After you do this, you could trigger the reset of the motor controller directly from a Python script. I haven’t done this, but it could work.

Other than this, the guys at Seeed should know more of this issue.

Thank you!