2 pin sensors to 4 Pin Grove PI D4

Hi, I have few Sensors are which are with 2 pins and 2 pin jumpers, and grove Pi has 4 pin interfaces like D4, D5. how do i connect them and run…

fundamentally question relates to mapping 2 pins jumper to 4 pin grove PI D4…


I wasn’t able to get exactly what kind of sensors you have and what you want to do with them.

Can you explain it in a bit more detail and send us a link to the sensors.



this are normal sensors like
LED, thermostat, infrared sensors ( not grove pi sensors) with one pin long and others short to directly use with GPIO…

but was thinking, how to use it with Grove pi, if at all…


The GrovePi connectors come with a standard pinout: GND,VCC,IO1,IO2. So if you want to connect a LED to power, then you just connect it to GND and VCC.

Suppose you want to use a LED fade, then use one of the PWM ports like D3. D3 port will have the pinout as: GND, VCC , IO-D4 and IO-D3. Now connect the LED to GND and D3 and run the fade example and it should work.

Let me know if I answered it correctly and if you need any more help.