4-Digit Display and GrovePi C# library

Hello all!

Are there any examples for 4-Digit Display avaliable? What we are currently using is GrovePi library referenced in UWP application. I’ve already made a search on your Github profile and forum, but was unable to find anything useful.

#region Assembly GrovePi, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

namespace GrovePi.Sensors
    public interface IFourDigitDisplay
        IFourDigitDisplay AllOff();
        IFourDigitDisplay AllOn();
        IFourDigitDisplay Initialise();
        IFourDigitDisplay SetBrightness(byte brightness);
        IFourDigitDisplay SetIndividualSegment(byte segment, byte value);
        IFourDigitDisplay SetLedsOfSegment(byte segment, byte leds);
        IFourDigitDisplay SetScore(byte left, byte right);

Any useful documentation for using SetIndividualSegment or SetScore? The task i am trying to accomplish is quite simple - just show the number 1234 on the 4-digit display.

Thank you for your kind help!

I would kindly ask someone from dexterindustries development team to check the question. We would really appreciate this. We also haven’t received the answer on Seeedstudios forums. They said we should ask there. :slight_smile: Thank you!

We currently have examples in Python only.

The python drivers can be found here

And there’s a Python example

SetScore will show two numbers as if it was the score of a football/hockey/handball game
SetIndividualSegment is what you would need to display 1234

who’s not the C# expert around here.