64 GB card only shows 3GB available after installing Raspbian for Robots


I downloaded and etched raspbian for robots onto a microSD card (64 GB). After mounting it and looking at my disk utility on another PC through an adaptor, it only shows 3 GB available. Is this normal - is the rest of it available for use somehow? I need it to store large programs and photos.


Hi @ajavdk,

Yes, that’s perfectly normal.
The process that took place is called “filesystem expansion” and it happens while the filesystem is already mounted. It happens so it can give the system ample space to install anything.

Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi’s OS (the official Raspbian) is limited in what it can do with regards to the size of your partitions. There is one option for you to change the size of a partition and that’s gparted.

I encourage you to download an image of gparted (and not install gparted tool on another linux machine), run the image inside a VM and then resize the partition of your micro SDCard with that adaptor you have got. Beware that gparted isn’t a perfect tool and you might encounter issues with it, so give your partition plenty of space.

An alternative would be to store those photos and whatnot on a separate media.

Hope this encompasses everything you need to know.

Thank you!

the answer is simple. Your SD card is now a Unix drive, and windows has trouble dealing with Unix. It detects the card as having two partitions and only one makes any sense to Windows: the /boot partition.
Your card is all good, the Pi will see all of it. but Windows will complain.

I am having the similar issue(s)… although I may have painted myself into a corner.

Originally I created the RPR image from Dexter website, and used etcher and a 16GB SD card.
I had the same thing where it only showed 3.6G.

I have been trying for hours to get a web hosted, or served RPiCamera and finally sort of succeeded. Although I am getting errors now stating “No space left on device (28) [System]”

I get this error when I try to write a video file, when I try to start the VNC server or really anything.
This occured after I installed we WebCam Web Interface from https://elinux.org/RPi-Cam-Web-Interface#Basic_Installation.

Some screen shots and then my question.

fdisk -l shows:

df -h shows:

Question is this.
How do I ensure the partition is say DOUBLE the size of the expanded image?
Is that something I can change after the image is created with gparted? Meaning widening an existing partition with an operating system on it.

I attempted to change partitions (the ~10G partition seen above) but how to I point to that, or install a RPR on that partition?

Related question:
Does the ISO contain details for the partition? - My thought is yes.

You can run sudo raspi-config
One of the options (it keeps moving around, depending on how up to date it is) will be “resize file partition” . Note that it may be in a sub-menu.