A Nit: Processor Heatsink Limit 5mm

Please file away in your “If we ever do this again” list, to investigate moving the large [inductor/capacitor] to allow a larger heatsink on the processor. There is just barely room for a 5mm heatsink when the GoPiGo3 board is attached to a Raspberry Pi 3 B board.

I originally had a 7mm heatsink on the RPi, which did not allow proper assembly of the two boards. Luckily, I noticed the problem since I was approaching the assembly very carefully.

The board is running 2degC hotter than (free-standing) with the 7mm heatsink - not a limitation for 99% of users, I’m sure.


Hi @cyclicalobsessive,

We’ve noticed that and we will definitely have a discussion on this matter.

Personally, I had the same problem too and was also thinking of repositioning the capacitor somewhere else.

And thank you for coming with your own feedback - that tells us there can be others hitting the same limitation.

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