About the DexterOS and Bloxter

DexterOS is an easy to use programming system for the GoPiGo. DexterOS is based off of the Blockly programming language and uses our own Bloxter programming language. You can learn more about DexterOS, and download it for FREE, here. You can test drive Bloxter online here.


How do I get DexterOS? You can purchase it on an SD Card here. You can also download it for free. We have the latest version ready for download here. After downloading you should be able to use our instructions on burning to an SD Card using Etcher, here, to get it on your own 8 GB (or greater) SD Card.

How do I connect to and use DexterOS? See our getting started page here for more advice on getting connected. DexterOS contains programming lessons built right into it.

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Signup for our DexterOS Updates list here. This mailing list will only be used to announce new updates to DexterOS.

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We have an FAQ and other information related to programming using Bloxter and DexterOS here.