Accessing Internet Connection from RasPi

I’m working on a project where I need the ArduBerry to have access to the internet. I have my Raspberry Pi set up for WiFi but I don’t know how to give the ArduBerry access to this. I’m hoping I don’t need to buy another shield for this.

I’m very new to this so thanks in advance for any help.

Can you tell us more why you need access to the internet directly from the Arduberry.

The easiest way to do this would be write a python program to send and receive data from the Arduberry and the Python program communicates with the internet too. This should help you get started with it: Do let us know if this solves your problem.


I’m working on a project where the arduberry board is going to read temperature sensors and based on the set the values, a fan will turn on or off. The goal is to create a digital dashboard to control the arduberry using blynk ( which requires an internet connection on the arduino. The reason I want to use the arduberry board vs a tradtional arduino board is because I want to log the data onto the raspberry pi and upload the data to a web server. I’m really hoping that there is some way to share access to the arduino board from the raspberry pi. Thanks for you help.

You can send values from the Arduberry to Raspberry Pi via Serial and read them using C or Python programs. We have a guide for doing it using Python here There is another tutorial available to do that in C. Do let us know if you need any more help and it would be great if you could share the project in the forums once it is done.


I understand how to send the values from the arduberry to the raspberry pi via the serial port. I’m stuck on trying to figure out how to give the arduberry access to the internet. The app that I want to use ( requires an internet connection on the arduino board. The reason I want to use Blynk is because I’ll be able to use my phone as an LCD screen to read the sensor values as well as adjust the set values. The only way I know how to give access to the arduberry is by purchasing a WIFI shield but that seems redundant given that the raspberry pi is already connected to internet. Is there any way to give the arduberry access to the raspberry pi’s internet connection?

Hey Noob,
Right now, we don’t have support for Blynk. However, we really appreciate you bringing this up. We’re going to try it out and maybe reach out to them about how to set it up.

Looking at their site, it seems they offer a way to connect the Pi to the blynk app, is that right?


John - Did you make any progress on getting Blynk support? It would be a very neat addition to the Grove. Happy to help beta test if you like :slight_smile:

  • Chris

Hey Chris, we haven’t made any progress; we’ve been pretty stacked trying to deal with other issues. I reached out to them a few months back and never heard back. I have it on my list to make another attempt though!

Hey Chris,
We haven;t tried Blynk with the our products yet. Blynk should work with the Arduberry though. First get Blynk working with the Pi. Here’s an example: then make the Arduberry talk to the Pi via C serial example: Once both of these are working, you should be able to merge these examples so that Blynk can talk to the Arduberry.