Acrylic "T" cracked

The distance between slots in the frame where the wheel-attach acrylic “T” pieces go through
is larger than the width of the motor… One of my acrylic “T” pieces bowed then cracked,
when tightened. How do I get a replacement part? I can find no “support” contact information
on the Dexter Industries website.


Hi Michale Sue,

You can find our support information here:



Hi John,

That link tells me that support is provided on the forums… So I posted this on the forums…

If there’s a better place to get support, since there doesn’t appear to be any support
phone number or direct email, please be more specific with a direct URL link to the
support website I should be using.


Hi Michael, you’re in the right place. This is the correct link:

If you click on “GENERAL QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK:” you’ll see a way to enter your information. Please just note what you’ve noted above, copy the link to this thread, and Amber from customer service will try to work with you to figure out how to handle your situation.

Best, John