After Firmware update, one motor runs constantly on reboot

Hello friends! I have a GoPiGo 1 with the DI Raspian for Robots OS. I did a software update, unplugged both motors (as instructed) and then did the firmware update. After shutdown, reconnecting the motors and starting up again, one motor runs at full speed constantly. I rebooted, got the same. Unplugged that motor and rebooted again. Using “test all” script, nothing works on the remaining motor that is connected.

Any known issue with the most recent firmware and GoPiGo 1? I don’t know what possessed me to do an update just prior to the National Robotics Week Event this weekend. :frowning:

Don’t worry. It’s possible to revert the firmware to an older version.

However before you try that first have you remove power from the GoPiGo? Also try re updating the firmware and see if that fixes it. If not that’s OK.

To go to a previous version go to the GoPiGo firmware section on github:

Then go into the fw_ver_15 folder.
That folder may also be on your pi so I’d check. If not download the firmware and run the install script inside e fw_very_15 folder.

My suggestion for the future is to avoid firmware updates before events where you need the GoPiGo to work, unless you need a new feature or there is a bug that is causing issues.

Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks, that was helpful. Removing power, re-connect, boot up and re-updating the firmware from the GUI did not help. There’s definitely some sort of bug that is corrupting the firmware when I try it that way.

However, I did find the folder with the firmware and was able to update from the command line. For anyone else looking at this, the path to the firmware versions is:


There is a separate folder for each previous version of the firmware. In my case, I wanted to put version 1.6 back.
Once you’re in the correct directory, the command is:
sudo bash
(sudo lets the script run under administrator privileges)

Once I did all that, it was back to normal. Thanks again!

PS - there was a new feature that I was trying to get. I wanted to use CINCH by trying to update the software and installing. For now I’ve given up on that, but I did see there is another post here on the Forum that covers that topic (thanks to cleoqc!).

Hi @darrell-little,

Glad that you have it working. Thanks for spotting the bug, we are having it corrected, thank you once again.


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