Air Quality Sensor Grove

Dear Community,
I’m beginning with GrovePi (great product!) and I would like use this grove (
I tried different tests but without success.
I would like only to read datas from this grove.
Can you help me with this grove please?
thank you

No idea ?
For complement, when I plug this grove on analogic connector, I lost my connection with my RP (putty and VNC). I have to reconnect to it.
Please, I hope to receive advice or begin of help, it’s important for my project.
I ve tried to connect with serial or RPISER, it s same problem, of cource. This grove send date on analogic port.
I have test it on arduino, it works normally.
Thank you.

I looked into the implementation of the air-quality sensor and it looks like it does use Timers and other internal Arduino functions which would compromise the working of the GrovePi, so we won’t be directly supporting it in the Firmware.

If you really want this working with the GrovePi, there are two ways, one use an Arduino Pro to read the values and send to the Serial port of the Raspberry Pi, from where you can use python to read the values. This is more likely to work.

Now coming to the other way.I went through the library of the Air quality sensor and it looks like, what it does is initially put the pin in input mode, e.g, pinmode(14,“INPUT”) for A0 and then wait for 20 seconds and then start reading the values from the sensor. You can replicate this but you’ll have to go through the library to determine what the values mean and make a program around that. Since the documentation is pretty obscure for this sensor, there is some code involving the Timer too which can make it even more difficult to make it work directly with the GrovePi.

If you need any more help or get stuck somewhere, do post it on the forums. We’ll try our level best to help you out.


Dear Karan,
Thank you for your respons. I was happy to read you but a little disapointed too.
Add a Arduino Pro is a idea. The second idea is too hard for me ;-).
I will seacrch a way to send date from arduino (and this grove air quality) by Wifi to my raspberry (as a router).

Thank you one more time.