AirQualitySensor C# grovePi Support

Is there any way to access the analog reading from Aiquality Sensor in C# . I am working on a c# universal application which uses grove pi Sensors.

I am using this open source library :

And I am willing to implement Air Quality Sensor , similar to Temperature interface ( .

What Kind of conversion Formula Do I need to use for interfacing with air quality sensor ?

Hi Abhishek,
The Seeed library looks like a fork of out Github library from here: This one is actively developed so might be better to use. For the air quality sensor, you can use just read the analog data from the sensor similar to the example here: and use that to check convert to data into pollution values. Values greater than 700 mean high pollution, b/w 300 to 700: low pollution and lower than 300 mean fresh air. Please check the Seeed documentation about the sensor here:

It would be great if you could push the example back to the Github repo so that others can use it too.