ANALOG/DIGITAL Sensor Confusion

HI All,
I am new to Raspi . Although i did work on PIC . I have little confusion about how to differentiate between Analog And Digital sensor . Like i have Grove temperature sensor , Is it having Digital output or analog .As per i got to know about RASPI that it doesnot include ( Analog Read input) A/D conversion inbuilt like other micro-controller/microprocessor has

Hello Kashifiqbalece, I think it depends on the grove temperatuer sensore. Do you have a link and part number?

The Raspberry Pi alone does not have an analog sensor. We built the GrovePi to allow you to use analog sensors with the Raspberry Pi.

Hi John
sorry for late reply . Thanks , I have Grove Pi for the same now i am able to connect.

Hi All,
I have different python scripts for various data sensing but i want to make a single python script to run all these script at once and i can see the result on GUI at that instant . Please help me in this regards.