Analog sensors on GPG

Hi all,

I see in the GPG hardware & port description page that there are pins for upto 3 analog sensors (supposedly meant for line sensors). However, I cannot find information on how to use them. These are the pages I’ve looked at:

GoPiGo Tech Specs

Python API

H/W & port description

Also, the GPIO pins are digital so I can’t use them directly for analog signals. For now, I’m trying the RC-circuit workaround here:

Is there any place which has information on how to interface with the analog pins?


There are three analog pins broken out on the GoPiGo, A1,A2 and A3. You can find more information about them int he attached picture.

To read values from them, just solder a header and give analogRead(1), analogRead(2) or analogRead(3) to read from the sensors.


I cannot find any attached picture in your post. Can you send/link it again, please?

Sorry, here’s the picture.