Another GoPiGo in Europe

I have just started with GoPiGo. Mine, arrived after xmas. I don’k know if somebody else get this in Italy before :slight_smile:
Anyway, first of all, I want to thank you Dexter Ind. for building GoPiGo, it something I have always dreamt about when I was kids but at the time - of course - technology was not really advanced and accessible as per today.
Now I am 40, I am programmer and I’m really excited to code this small robot.
Being more oriented on the code rather than eletronic, at this time I got just one question:
Is there any plan to apply the dsolar or some modification of it to GoPiGo? or is already feasible??

Hey Stragersliver, thanks for the note and really glad to hear you’ve had a good experience with the GoPiGo!

A solar robot is an awesome idea. One drawback about the Pi right now is that it is very power hungry; it consumes up to 2A at times, so 10W. That’s not including the motors and other accesories. So right now, it doesn’t seem that solar is feasible. But thanks for the note about it though, we’ll keep it in mind!