Any Raspbian for Robots prebuilt for Stretch?

Hi, I’m trying some projects that combine Raspbian for Robots with the Intel Movidius neural compute stick SDK, but the NCSDK requires Stretch. Do you have an Raspbian for Robots image for Stretch, or instructions how to setup Scratch to work with the GrovePI? using the curl command on a base Stretch image doesn’t set up the desktop environment like the Raspbian for Robots image for Jessie.

Hi @oliver.w.chen,

As of this moment, we are already working on getting the whole suite of our products ready to be used with Stretch. So, we’re going to release it in the very very near future.

For the time being, we are developing and testing and we’ll let everyone know when we have support for Stretch.

Even more than that, I could give you a preview version for the GrovePi sooner, but not just yet. So I’m tagging this thread so I can remember it when the time comes.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response.

In the meantime, I will try upgrading from the base Robots for Raspbian image to Stretch.

The upgrade completed, but scratch doesn’t launch the tool to select the grove pi. I had same issue starting from Scratch and running the Curl command. I will check to see if there is a version of the Movidius SDK that supports Jessie.

@cleoqc is there anything we can help Oliver with here? I know you’re onto Scratch and that’s why I’m asking.

Maybe by next week? #nopromises
I am working on that exact issue though.

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Hi @oliver.w.chen,

Just came back to this post because I wanted to let everyone know that reads this topic that we already have launched a Raspbian For Robots image built on Stretch.



Thanks for getting the stretch image working. I was able to get the Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick to work with Scratch as a remote sensor. I’m going to demo a MNIST implementation using Scratch to capture the at the Intel DevJam before NeurIPS next week.

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NeurIPS? Are you in Montreal?