Anyone Planning A GoPiGo3 in PiWars 2022?

Anyone planning to create a GoPiGo3 based robot for PiWars 2022?

The Challenges

  • Either Remote Control or Autonomously

  • Shepherd’s Pi – guide your sheep into their pen, but avoid the wolves!

  • Nature’s Bounty – harvest your crop of apples, optionally collecting them as you go.

  • Hungry Cattle – satisfy your cattle’s appetite by filling the feeding troughs.

  • Farmyard Tours – our obstacle course challenge is a fun ride for visitors to your farm!

  • Technical and Artistic Merit – create a combined video to show off your robot’s design and features.

  • Blogging (optional) – record your competition progress in text, video, image and song. (No, really… song!).


The rules state:

  1. Your robot must have an operational Raspberry Pi at its core which carries out the majority of the computing effort.
  2. If you feel that you can complete the challenge(s) using the Raspberry Pi Pico (or even multiple Picos) as the core, this is permitted.
  3. Microcontrollers, such as Arduinos, micro:bits etc may be used on the robot but the Raspberry Pi must be in overall control.
  4. Additional pieces of equipment e.g. a games controller, a laptop, mobile phone or tablet may be used to control the robot, but must not be physically attached when competing on the courses.

If a laptop can be used to “control the robot” (rule 4), but the Raspberry Pi must be carrying out “the majority of the computing effort” (rule 1), I wonder if a ROS-based robot would count or not. I’m thinking “not”.

But an out of the box based GPG3 could probably compete well.


My entry:
Charlie making a total balls-up of everything.

Prize category:
Most ridiculous robot.


thanks for the awesome information.


. . . and when I get my joystick working, watch out!

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ROS is just fine. I think there were two ROS bots last year.


I want to see a GoPiGo running Bloxter!


I think I remember seeing a Blockly entry, but every robot was purpose built. I did not see a single COTS bot.


thanks my issue has been fixed.