API documentaton for the GPG Distance and IMU sensors?

Greetings yet again!

I am playing around with the various methods in the EasyGoPiGo libraries, and I want to mess with the line-follower, distance sensor, and IMU sensor.

I have found information about the line-follower, but not the distance or IMU sensors.

I am sure I could go wandering around the various GitHub repos, but I am curious if there is any True and Authorized documentation for the sensor API’s within the EasyGoPiGo libraries?

@cleoqc, if you’re using the “stay at home orders” as a time to catch up on documentation, maybe this could be on the list too?

For example:
I could mess around with the Remote Camera Robot code to include input from the distance sensor and Charlie’s front bumper for object avoidance.

Are you looking for this? https://di-sensors.readthedocs.io/en/master/

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This is precisely what I needed.

Perusing your site before - or maybe someone sent me the link, I don’t remember - I found this set of pages:

Perhaps this is an older, depreciated, set of doc’s?  This includes the Grove “Ultrasonic Sensor” but no distance sensor or IMU.

(Update - replacing much of the original post)

Ahhh!  I see. . . .  This is an entirely separate manual for certain - more advanced - sensors that supplements, but does not replace, the existing EasyGoPiGo documentation.

Maybe the documents can point to each other?
(i.e.  The EasyGoPiGo documentation can mention that certain sensors are included in the Di-Sensors doc, and the Di-Sensors doc can reference back to the EasyGoPiGo documentation.)

Thanks hugely!!

One last suggestion that would improve both documents tremendously:

At the beginning of each section dealing with a particular sensor or actuator, include a “requires” or “requirements” section listing the include files needed for that particular sensor/actuator.


First, the statement of what to include is located on a completely different page  than the sensor API documentation.

Second, the document is organized - very nicely, I might add - with links to individual sections for specific sensors/actuators, so that the user can click directly on the topic of interest without  having to wade through a ream of documentation.

Because of this, pre-requisites that are mentioned some distance away will not be seen.  Including them within the particular section points out precisely what’s needed to make that particular  sensor work.


Sorry, something else. . .

I looked at the “depreciated” methods in the EasyGoPiGo3 library documentation as mentioned in the original posting above, and noticed that all the “EasyGoPiGo” methods are now part of “easy.sensors”  In fact, it looks like the entire EasyGoPiGo3 library has been depreciated.

Though the very beginning of each section mentions that they’re based on “easy.sensors”, the example code  (which people will believe is Gospel), is all based on EasyGoPiGo3.