Arduberry powering-down Pi?

I was considering the new Arduberry for a project where the Arduino needs to control power to the Raspberry Pi so that power consumption can be minimized – but I guess the Arduberry is simply not designed to support that concept. The power consumption of the Pi is of course huge compared to the Arduino. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Thoughts . . . running low on them tonight.

Where is the power originating from on the project? Are you running USB power somehow? Are you trying to turn the power on the Raspberry Pi on and off, or set it into a sleep mode? What triggers the on and off (or sleep mode)?

Consider a battery-powered application. Power could be continuously applied to the Arduino and the Arduino would control a FET or regulator with on/off pin to apply or remove power from the Rasp-Pi board. The Rasp-Pi draws a lot more current than an Arduino.

Right now the 5V power is directly connected b/w the Raspberry Pi and the Arduberry. So even though you can give a signal from the Arduberry to the Pi to shut it down, it would be very hard to turn the Pi back again because that would require you to turn the power on and off automatically, which won’t be possible with the Arduberry.


Yes, I am merely suggesting that the next revision of the Arduberry could include some consideration for this scenario.

Hey davei,
I’ll add this to the list of things that we can think about in the next Arduberry iteration. But I am not sure if we would add this feature for a couple of reasons:

  • This feature would be used by a very small portion of the crowd.
  • It would require some effort in terms of designing the circuit so that it works with/without any code on the firmware
  • The extra components required by the circuit would add some cost to the Arduberry.

But still, we will take a look at this again when we are redesigning the Arduberry.