Arduberry to Ramps 1.4

Is it possible to construct a CNC based controller using the Arduberry mounted between a Raspberry PI 2 and an Arduino Mega 2560 with a Ramps 1.4 mounted on top of that?
I’m looking into building an on board CNC Controller that has everything integrated into one unit sans the Stepper Motor Power Supply. I’m new to the Raspberry and Arduino Systems but I decided that it would be a lot cheaper and more informative than what was available for a Windows Based System. And I didn’t need to tie up an expensive Laptop just to run the available software.

Looking at the spec sheet for Ramps1.4, it looks like it needs and Arduino Mega so what you can do is to connect it the Pi via usb and use it. I am not sure how you would use the Arduberry in this case.


Thanks for the information. I didn’t see the Arduino Mega 2560 listed in the information provided on the Arduberry site as one of the stackable configurations. A USB connection will be sufficient. I’ll just have to use a larger controller cabinet.

Arduino Mega is a base shield and it is where the stacking starts so it cannot be stacked on top of the Arduberry.