Arduberry Tx/Rx serial Problem


As far as I know, “Serial.println(“Hi”)” will transmit data to the default TX serial port, which is Pin 1 as shown in (

In the schematic, Pin 1 (TX) and Pin 0 (RX) are NOT connected to raspberry pi.
However, I could read the serial data by running a simple python script on Raspberry Pi 3 with the original Jessie.
I am not sure how this is possible. Are Pin 0 and 1 connected to Pi?

It is important to me because I want to put a wireless shield to Arduberry, which gets data from Arduberry through those RX and TX pins.

Thank you for reading my post!

Saladin0715, the serial lines are connected between the atmega chip and the Pi. They connec through the level converter in the lower left hand corner of the schematic. D0 and D1 are connected to the Pi.