Arduberry V 2.0?

Hello -

I just purchased two Arduberry modules and have a couple of questions:

  1. What Raspberry Pi models can these be used on?
  2. My two Arduberry’s have a 2.0 on front, under the logo. Most, if not all photos I’ve seen have a 1.0. What is the difference?

Thank you I look forward to hearing back soon!


Hey Andrew76092,
Thanks for buying the Arduberry, we hope that the arduberry’s are serving you well.

The Arduberry can work with all the variants of the Pi from the Model A to the Pi3. The Arduberry uses a slightly modified version of the Raspbian OS, that we have built. The best way to get started with it would be to install the image from here:

The latest version has mostly aesthetic changes and they are almost similar to the older boards. The only significant addition would be the addition of FTDI pins so that people can use a FTDI programmer to program the arduberry if they want.