Arduberry work with Braccio motor control board


Would the Arduberry work with the Braccio motor control board?
I have both Pi2 and Pi3โ€™s available. Know about switching off serial and Bluetooth on the Pi3 :slight_smile:
Also have a couple of Pi2โ€™s with BrickPi installed.


Is this the shield that you are talking about : . We have not tried it but it does look like it should work with the Arduberry.

You should be a bit careful about the power supply though. The tech specs say that you need 5V at 5A which is a lot. I am not sure if it is shared with the Arduino, if it is then it would be shared with the Pi too. Servoโ€™s tend to generate a lot of noise in the power channel which could make you Pi run a bit unstably. So this project would be more like, proceed on your own risk.

You should also have a look at the pivotpi here that we sell for the Raspberry Pi: which you can use to control the servo motors with the Braccio. Might make it easier for you to control the Arm from Pi itself and we have a library in C and Scratch too.


Hi Karan,

Whoops! Tried replying using my Xojo address :wink:
Yes - that is the one.
BTW, thank you very much for the prompt response. Very unexpected given
the time of year!
Do you have a European distributor (Iโ€™m in Germany)?



Arduberry Appears to be in stock in Generation Robots here.

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