Arduino project - with 3 Channel Video Switcher Module

Hey all I am wondering how to go about switch from camera 1, 2 or 3 using this 3 Channel Video Switcher Module on ebay here. enter image description here

Since there’s only V+, V- and signal for the “switch” it looks to take a PWM but I am not quite sure if that’s correct or not. If correct then how would I (in code) send that out for each camera to change?


Well I’ve tried the following code:

int LED_pin = 9; // must be one of 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 or 11 for PWM

void setup() {
  pinMode(LED_pin, OUTPUT); // Initialize pin for output

void loop() {
  int dtwait = 1000; // Pause interval, milliseconds
  int V1=20, V2=220, V3=120; // 8-bit output values for PWM duty cycle
  analogWrite(LED_pin, V1);
  analogWrite(LED_pin, V2);
  analogWrite(LED_pin, V3);

and just to test it I hooked up 2 green LEDs to digital pin 9 and I can confirm it does light the led’s in 3 stages. From bright, medium and then dim-ish.

So I went ahead and powered up the FPV by hooking it up like so: enter image description here

While the other side has one that maybe says STC-002C :

Hi @liuyalan1204,

Could you come up with more details about your project so that we can more easily understand the issue you are encountering with the 3 Channel Video Switcher Module?

Also, please take into consideration that we don’t have the actual module you’re talking about, nor we have worked with it, so we may have limited expertise about it. Therefore, it may actually be good to post about this issue on a forum that specifically deals with this kind of modules. The reason is that you may get an answer faster than on ours.

Thank you!