Are these compatible?

I am wondering if the Ultrasonic sensor in the GrovePi kit is compatible with the GoPiGo and that I can use the ultrasonic sensor with the GoPiGo. I am also wondering if I can plug in other sensors in the three prong connector next to Port A1 on the GoPiGo board. Can I use other non-grove sensors and plug it into the connector?

If I can plug in the non-Grove connectors, can I use the same software?

It sure is. That’s the beauty of Grove modules. They all share a common 4 pin interface. Some of the sensors are analog, some digital, I2C or even UART (Tx/Rx).

Here is the ultrasonic read:

Seen here in one of the photos:

I believe the 3 prong connector is for a servo, so you can pan/tilt something attached to the front. There is a kit available:

Thank you! It really helped.