Are these sensors tested and working well with GrovePi?

I have the following sensors to use:
multichannel gas sensor
temperature, barometer, and humidity sensor (BM280)
differential amplifier v1.3 (I am using this with the weight sensor)

I would like to know if these sensors are compatible with the grovePi and can program using them.

Thank you


All these 3 sensors are supported by the GrovePi platform.

For the Multichannel Gas Sensor, here’s a link: GrovePi/ at master · DexterInd/GrovePi · GitHub

For the Temperature, Barometer and Humidity Sensor (BM280), here’s a link to the repository that contains the library for it (it’s by default, installed on Raspbian For Robots):

For the Differential Amplifier v1.3, just take a look at Seeed's website and see that this is an analog sensor, therefore it’s going to work with the GrovePi:

Thank you!


Thanks for the reply. With regards to the multichannel gas sensor, I
noticed that there has been an issue with its I2C connection in the python
source code. Has that been fixed?