Assembly directions for GoPiGo not 3

I have a GoPiGo purchased in 2016. The hardware is quite different from what is shown in the current directions. Is there a set of assembly directions from the old version?
I’ve attached a photo of the attachment hardware that came with my kit.
Also, I sent multiple emails regarding the Cyber Monday sale and never, ever heard back. Is there some way I can actually hear from someone? I had intended to purchase the Missions using the cyber sale but could never get it to work. I asked for help repeatedly.


Hello @carol.frey,
You most likely have a GoPiGo2. We have the assembly instructions here

As for the Cyber Monday sale, unfortunately I am not the person who can help you with that, but I will bring it up for their attention.


Hello @carol.frey I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive a response! I will get in touch with you directly and see if we can sort this out. Thanks!