AtlasPiclops 3d scanner Set up Help

My name is Tom Megna. I ave been searching for diagrams, software and connections. I ant the best of the best by using an Aruberry Board, a Cowtech Shield Board and Arduino

Could you expand on what you need help with?Are you wanting to 3d scan your Arduberry Board???

Hello I am trying to make a Piclops 3d scanner. This will be using a Cowtech (BQ) Shield Driver Board with an Arduberry and finally the Raspberry Pi 2B I have down loaded the Raspian for Robots. The Scanner will not need a separate PC to run it. If I use a Pi 3B you don’t need a WiFi Dongle or cable. I have connected everythingand it fire up with the Rasp. Pi as the Controller. I don’t know what Software to Download.

Sounds like a cool project! Not sure exactly what your software needs to do.

I would reccomend taking this question to the official Raspberry Pi forums. The have lots of smart Pi experts there.