Audio for a Pi5 equipped GoPiGo3

Audio on the GoPiGo3 has been a bit of a kludge up till now:

  1. A right-angle 3.5mm audio plug rubs against the GoPiGo3 wheel,
  2. Powering a speaker connected to the 3.5mm audio has to be solved:
  • For Dave I get power from a processor board USB-A port
  • For Carl I get power from the GoPiGo3 AD2 port
  1. A good quality powered speaker is actually quite heavy
  2. The RaspberryPi3 and 4 have no mic in:
  • on Carl I use a 3.5mm plug mic into a USB audio adapter (configuring ALSA for that was a nightmare)
  • Dave doesn’t use speech reco - his processor is fully loaded with no cycles to spare

Now they take the 3.5mm jack off completely and put the audio on two micro HDMI connectors. I guess one of the Pi5 USB-A connectors will go to a USB audio adapter to drive Dave’s speaker. Forgot to order one of those. I’lll have to rewire the speaker power to the new BIGGER 5v power supply.