Away control & videos saved


How can I control the robot if let’s say that the GoPiGo is home and I’m at work and I want to see what’s happening around the house. How can I connect to the GoPiGo and control it ? If the robot is connected to the WiFi at home, can I acces the robot from work by only introducing the IP in the browser ?

And one more thing, does the camera save the live streaming ?
If yes, how can I automatically send the video to an e-mail after the live streaming is over ?

Thank you !


To access the Raspberry Pi from outside your network is a tricky thing. We have a tutorial on how to do this remotely using Weaved software here.

The camera is capable of live streaming. It can also record. But you can’t e-mail a file of live streaming, I’m a little confused of what you want to do there . . . email a file of livestreaming?

Thank you for the answer.

First of all, in the Browser Streaming Robot project, the camera is recording or just live streaming ?
2. Is the video saved ?
3. Can I add in the webpage(where the live streaming is made and the control and the shutdown button is) a button that can open the folder where the videos are saved ?

Another thing, how I configure Weaved in order to open the page from the Browser Streaming Robot project (localhost:98)?
Thank you.


Hey Raul,
The browser streaming robot project only streams the video on the local network. It uses a software called MJPG-Streamer. The video is not saved right now but I think if you look into the MJPG-Streamer, there should be an example for saving the video too. If you go the weaved way then you can choose VNC and connect to VNC over the internet and use the browser on the Pi to see the video. A better way would be to use an example like this