Backyard Brains Arduino Shield as I2C Mindstorm controller

I am high school senior in Denver and we have been working with the Backyard Brains SpikerShields in my NeuroEngineering elective. My goal is to use EMG signals that are recorded by a sensor in the Arduino to serve as an input for Lego Mindstorm motors. Your tutorial found here seems promising. How might I send the value of, say analog0, to an EV3 and have a motor respond accordingly?

Hey @abtin.molavi, thanks for your note and it sounds like a really interesting project! Your project of reading analog values from the Arduino is possible, but requires some custom code on the Arduino. If you read through the documentation of the Arduino, you should be able to modify our example code to do an analog read, and send the values to the EV3. From there it’s just a matter of programming the EV3 to move when it gets the proper signal.

Man is that a cool project!