Banana PI GrovePI


we are working with bananapi , we can connect GrovePI and program in C ?

many thanks

Hi Luca,
Great to hear that you are trying to use the GrovePi with Banana Pi. Since the GPIO pins are exactly the same for BananaPi, the GrovePi should be compatible.

Now we don’t support C as such, but there is no reason why it would not work. We use I2C but to communicate between the Raspberry Pi and the GrovePi. On the Raspberry Pi, there is WiringPi library which can be used with C to access the I2C devices. On python we use the SMbus library.

The library is very minimal so you should be able to port it to C if you want. There will be some changes which might be specific to BananaPi.

Let us know if you are able to get the GrovePi to work with BananaPi or if you need any more help.