Battery Capacity

Hi I have purchased the rechargeable battery that goes along with the Brick Pi.

Is there a way to programmically work out the battery capacity left.

Also I now have a number of Ev3 sensors connected to the Brick Pi: Ultrasonic, Gyro, Temperature, Large and Medium Motors. Is there a limit to the amount of sensors I can use at once. For some reason I’m finding the Ultra Sonic and the Gyro Sensors fail at different times.


Hi Brad,

You can use the get_voltage_battery() to figure out the level of the battery. And there should be no limits (apart from the number of ports) to how many sensors you can connect.

However, you have to put some delays in to allow the sensors time to read and send the info back to the BrickPi. A delay of 0.3 seconds should be enough. You will see errors if your code loops too quickly.

I hope this helps,

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